Advertising Rates 2014

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                                            Online Ads Rates

LeaderBoard     728 X 90..... ......$125.00 / 6-month deal!
BannerX           468 X 60..... .......$120.00 / 6-month deal!
SkyA                300 X 250.... ......$120.00 / 6-month deal!
BannerA           120 X 600 ..........$120.00 / 6-month deal!
Small                120 X 200 .......... $50.00 / 6-month deal!
Square             120 X 120............$ 40.00/ 6-month deal!

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Advertising in the Newspaper

All rates shown below apply to advertising in our printed monthly edition.

Our circulation is 20,000 copies per edition.
All-Pages-in-FULL COLOR

  We distribute Mundo Hispano Bilingual free of charge to readers in Tennessee's most populated cities every month .

Acconding to the U.S. Census Bureau, in Tennessee, the largest Hispanic populated cities are:

Johnson City  and

Our distribution points include, but are not limited to, Latino and Mexican Grocery stores,
  public libraries, mechanic shops, banks, health clinics, law firms, and
other businesses that by request better serve their growing Hispanic clientele offering Mundo Hispano Bilingual Newspaper.

Rates 2014

The Classified Ad.
No contract needed!!

Up-to-30 words ................$ 20.00 per edition. Click Here to Order a Classified Ad Now!

To add a company logo ...........Add $10.00 per ad, per edition

To add a picture ...........Add $10.00 per ad, per edition

IMPORTANT: We can translate your ad into Spanish as a complementary service. However, you must request the complementary trasnlation of your ad into Spanish as English is the default language.

The Public Notice/ Legal Notice Ad.
No Contract restriction!!
Each line $ 3.75 per edition.   Click Here to Order a Public Notice Ad Now!

Please send us the text of your Public Notice to price it.

Translation into Spanish is complementary.

High profile!!! We constantly educate our readers about the importance of reading Public Notices.

Very Inexpensive and Effective Ad!!
No contract restriction!!

Professional Card Size (3.25" W x 2" H)........$30 B&W / $45 Color Click Here to Order an Ad Now!

Translation into Spanish is complementary.   Your Pictures and Logos can be inserted inside this rectangular shape showing a professional look.

Mundo Hispano introduce your Business to Hispanics in Tennessee!!

No contract restriction!!

To target a specific small area or city we recommend you to use our insertion services.
1,000 PRE-PRINTED MATERIAL ........$70.00    (Max. Size: 10"X10")
Please call us at 865-548-1148 before sending your material. We will arrange where to send
your pre-printed material. We must receive all material 15
days prior to run date.


Please find the contract document clicking on the link Contract. Once completed, send the contract to us.
We must send you a confirmation of your advertising order before any publishing of any ad.
So, please fax the contract to 865-357-0552, mail the contract with your payment to 
MUNDO HISPANO,  P.O. BOX 5543,  Knoxville, TN 37928 or email the contract
and send your check or money order by mail.

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Carlos Nicho, President